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c o n t a c t s :

Chris Dawson, Mark Faiers & Michael Barnes.

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c r e w :

Director: Michael Barnes
Producer: Mark Faiers
Assist Prod: Chris Dawson
Written by: Faiers & Barnes
Soundtrack: Faiers & Dawson
Art Direction: Faiers & Dawson
Camera & Lighting: Barnes
Pyrotechnics: Alan Smith & Ross

c a s t :

Mitchell Willow: Mark Faiers
Eddie Heaver: Chris Dawson
Travan: Simon Spree
Rachel: Sophie Coryndon
Mr Wernside: Keith Dickenson
Alan Griffiths: Alan Smith
Ross Jones: Ross Cowley
Essex: Michael Barnes
Brown Suit Bob: Ian Culverhouse
Off-License Owner: Chris Forster
Robber 1: Martin McClure
Robber 2: Kalib Tanner
Hurley: Richard Harrington
Newsreader: Ruth Pelopider



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