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M i t c h e l l  W i l l o w:

"A chequered past".

Mitchell would often be seen partying in Cardiff's hot night-spots dealing Class A"s for Eddie Heaver and his brother and generally having a good time - Mr popular about town. Then one night he saw a girl "O.D" and die after she had taken drugs he sold her.

Something died in Mitchell that night, he lost his spark, stopped dealing drugs, and eventually became very insular drowning himself in alcohol. He stopped going out, lost contact with his friends and eventually lost his girlfriend Rachel, who grew tired of his strange behaviour and lack of communication.

Mitchell developed a bizarre fascination in dead things, taking photos of dead animals and painting macabre pictures.

He let himself go in a big way, living in squalid conditions on a diet of whisky and fast food. He can see no way out of his plight and regularly contemplates suicide thinking, maybe, he will go to his nirvana ...a tropical paradise..

Mitchell Willow
Eddie Heaver
Alan Griffiths
Ross Jones
Mr Whernside


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