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'Fatigue' follows the story of Mitchell Willow, a small-time loser who starts doing odd jobs for local hard man Eddie Heaver to clear his debts. Heaver likes to think he's big time until he double crosses underworld figurehead Mr Wernside and puts himself and Willow on the wrong side of mob enforcer Travan.

l o c a t i o n :

Shot on location in Cardiff between August 1996- June 2000, 'Fatigue' is written and directed by Michael Barnes, whose earlier work includes 'Motor Driving Made Easy', a short drama funded by the Lottery and the Arts Council and nominated for the Welsh International Film Festival's DM Davis Award - Europe's largest and most competitive short film prize.

p r o d u c t i o n :

'Fatigue' is currently in post production, with a rough cut due for delivery by the end of March 2001. Fatigue Films is seeking completion finance for a sound mix and showprint, and also distribution partners.

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