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Fatigue Wins A Major Prize - (17/09/2003)
Fatigue wins the biggest prize at the Great Lakes International Film Festival 2003 - Best Narrative Feature - The boys are over the moon and celebrating. More info and photos to follow soon.

Next Stop Is The Great Lakes - (01/09/2003)
The boys are overwhelmed by the American response to Fatigue another festival has just selected it for a screening - The historic Great Lakes Film Festival in the U.S.A. Festival dates are as follows 11-14 September. With Fatigue being screened on sat 13th September 2003 at 10.45pm;
dress code: smart, no trainers.

Fatigue Goes To Hollywood - (29/08/2003)
The boys are over the moon that Fatigue has just been selected for a screening at the prestigious and glamorous Hollywood - Silver Lake Film Festival. Festival dates are as follows 10 - 18 September. With Fatigue being screened on sat 13th September 2003 at 12pm


We'll see you there; dress code: Glamorous.

A New Cut For Raindance- (22/10/2002)
A new cut of Fatigue will be showing at the Raindance film festival in the Other Cinema (formerly the Metro Cinema), 11 Rupert Street, Shaftesbury Ave, London on Thursday 24th Oct at 8pm. For tickets ring 0207 734 1506.

Fatigue To Preview - (3/10/2001)
Fatigue will finally have a preview screening on Friday 23rd of November 2001 at 7pm. The film will be screened at Chapter Arts Centre in cinema 1 - Time to be confirmed.

Cast And Crew Screening - (30/9/2001)
The lads are having a private screening for cast and crew in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff on friday 16th November at 10pm in cinema 2. They are having difficulty tracking down all the people involved. If you were involved and you haven't been contacted please get in touch ASAP.

Sound Nightmares - (15/9/2001)
Fatigue has been having difficulties with getting the sound mix right. It would seem Chris and Mark should be known as the 'Bass Brothers'. Mike has been trying to cut out speaker rumble caused by very low base frequencies that Chris and Mark use regularly in the soundtrack. But after a week of much head scratching and experimenting with the mixing desk Mike has managed to solve the problem. The sound is now sounding fantastic say the boys, really big and powerful...makes your trousers tremble.

Fatigue Re-Shoots - (16/7/2001)
Fatigue has been shooting again! Almost 5 years after the first shoot the boys were at it again,they decided they needed an extra scene to make the pace of the film flow better and also needed a couple of shots of Essex (Mike). The shoots took place in July using a friends shop as the location and the actor Phil Babbet as a 'shady' jeweller. This is definately the final shoot said Mike...as long as it all comes out ok added Chris and Mark.

'Fatigue in Cannes' gets broadcast on April 6 10.30pm HTV - (22/3/2001)
The programme made by the Fatigue crew documenting their trip to last year's Cannes Film Festival gets its eagerly awaited debut soon on HTV.

The Cannes Report - (12/2/2001)
The Fatigue crew spent a very fruitful ten days at the festival promoting their film. Reaction to the trailer and selected scene excerpts was very exciting and buyers and agents have expressed an interest in viewing the final cut. Watch out for Mike, Chris and Mark's documentary made for HTV about their promotion of "Fatigue"; in Cannes 2000. Due to air in early May 2001.

The Film Festival Report - (6/2/2001)
Those of you hoping to see the preview screening of Fatigue at last years Welsh Film Festival will have been disappointed - The Fatigue crew has decided to hold back the film for another couple of months - until the film is as good as we can get it. Originally we hoped to have the film ready for the Welsh Film Festival in December 2000 and I apologise to anyone and everyone who was hoping to see it then but we had to pull out two months before, when we realised we were gonna need a bit more time writing music and developing audio effects, tracklaying and mixing - to show the production at it's best - after all, you only get to show the film for the first time once - we need it to be as good as it can be, and its been in production for four years now so another couple of months is a drop in the ocean.

Fatigue Set To Premiere at Welsh Film Festival - (29/6/2000)
After an encouraging visit to this year's Cannes Film Festival Fatigue Films look set to have the official preview screening of their debut feature film Fatigue at the Welsh Film Festival in December 2000.

New Fatigue Trailer Available - (12/5/2000)
A new and updated trailer for Fatigue is now available from this site. Download the file by selecting from the left-hand-side menu. Please note that this movie file requires Apple Quicktime version 4.0.

Fatigue Films at Cannes Film Festival - (10/5/2000)
Mark Faiers, Chris Dawson and Michael Barnes of Fatigue Films are currently in Cannes Film Festival to promote their debut feature film 'Fatigue'.


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