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"The Robot".

Nicknamed The "Robot" due to his lack of emotion and words when on a mission, Jones may not talk much but he's a crack shot and has an extensive knowledge of firearms. If it's a gun you require he's the man to see, he has connections all over Britain and Ireland. If he's not shooting someone he's probably supplying firearms to a terrorist organization.

Jones got into this trade when both parents were sent "down" for fraud. He moved in with his uncle who was in business with Alan Griffiths, so Jones grew up being taught by a couple of experts.

His uncle was shot by Police during a bungled "bank-job" so Griffiths took him under his wing, the rest is history. Jones and Griffiths often work together forming a reliable and deadly team.

Mitchell Willow
Eddie Heaver
Alan Griffiths
Ross Jones
Mr Whernside


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